Industry Update Concerning AS/NZS 4417

What you need to know about the AS/NZS 4417

AS/NZS 4417

Now that the Infinity Cable fiasco is over, Australian Industry and the Australian State Regulators with responsibility for public safety, have stepped in to ensure that a repeat of this is avoided at all costs.

“Building Wiring Cable” was added to part 2 of Standard AS/NZS 4417 as a level 3 classification. You can find the full definition of “Building Wiring Cable” in AS/NZS 4417.2.

FYI - Level 3 product is classified as “high risk”, where Level 2 is “medium risk” and Level 1 is “all other in-scope product.” Any cable that is deemed as Level 3 is required to be tested, granted regulatory approval, and marked with the RCM logo (displayed as a tick inside a triangle). This symbol is meant to be on the article alongside the Model Number, but it can also be on the packaging if it cannot be put on the cable (See AS/NZS 4417 Part 1 Clause 3.2).

Nexans Olex has engaged TÜV Rheinland Australia, with all testing completed for the applicable product range and all comply with the relevant Australian Cable Standard, AS/NZS 5000.1 or AS/NZS 5000.2.  In place of the RCM logo on cable, Nexans Olex cables are marked with a TUV reference number (ie, TUVxxxxxxEA); the approved certificate number and an authorized marking.

All Nexans Olex customers can be assured that our building wire cable that falls into this category are all tested, approved, and therefore compliant and safe. With majority of our building cables manufactured in Australia with high technical competency, and a strong partnership with Nexans and third party global facilities, you can Trust Olex for the best quality, safe products every time.

Download below our latest Olex AS/NZS 4417 Handbook for all you need to know about the standard and Nexans Olex's compliance!

Olex 4417 handbook W BORDER

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