NEW Olex-Switchtech!

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Olex-Switchtech imageOlex-Switchtech is a two-in-one cable designed specifically for LED, WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities of modern switchgear. No more time wasted installing two separate cables. Olex-Switchtech does the hard work for you with a twin-active and neutral in one cable.

Olex-Switchtech is locally manufactured at Nexans Olex’ best in-class manufacturingfacility in Lilydale, Victoria. You can Trust Olex and expect high quality, durability and performance at all times.

Olex-Switchtech is manufactured to comply to AS/NZS Standards, maintaining safe core configuration using PVC Best Practice that contributes to Green Star Ratings.

Product code are as per below –

EACP05A1003HNEC Olex Switchtech 3C 1.5mm² 100m

Cable configuration: Red, White, Black 450/750V

Now available for purchase! Contact your local Nexans Olex sales representative or dial 1300 CABLES.