150m and 200m Spools

More Cable, Less Waste

150m and 200m pack size


For every spool of cable used, there is an inevitable length of cable at the end which ends up being scrapped. We estimate that for every spool, 10m ends up being scrapped.

As part of our vision to be a responsible and sustainable company, we are pleased to announce larger pack sizes for three of our most popular product types.

 New packs available include:

  • 150m pack for 1.5mm2 PVC Flat 2C+E
  • 150m pack for 2.5mmPVC Flat 2C+E
  • 200m pack for 1.0mm2 PVC Flat 2C+E

Instead of scrapping 10m per 100m, that's now spread out over 150 and/or 200m making it better for your, the environment, and for your next job.

Typical Spool

Waste = 10%

150m Spool

Waste = 6.7%

200m Spool

Waste = 5%

These products continue to be manufactured in Australia at our Lilydale facility, known for  industry leading quality and being independently PVC Best Practice Accredited to contribute to the green star rating of your next project.


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