Green Star and PVC Best Practice

A Brief History

PVC best practiceThe Green Building Council of Australia, launched in 2002 to promote a sustainable property industry for Australia and drive the adoption of green building practices through the entire construction cycle. 15 years later, the Green Building trend continues with to grow with green buildings providing better health and safety of occupants, better rental returns for institutional investors, and lower operating costs for building owners.

With this came the introduction of the Green Star rating; a score given out of 100 to signify the overall sustainability of the design and construction of a building.

A criterion of the scoring systems relates to the materials used in construction. Of particular interest to the cabling industry is the use of PVC. In traditional manufacture of PVC compounds, chemical stabilisers and plasticisers may be added to the mixture to provide enhanced durability or flexibility of PVC. However, many common additives such as cadmium and lead stabilisers, and DEHP & DBP plasticisers are toxic and harmful to human health or life if exposed e.g. as a result of the manufacturing process or in the event of a fire. As a consequence, the promotion of PVC Best Practice principles, i.e. the reduction of PVC usage or the use of PVC without these toxic materials is desired for a sustainable building. By the Green Building Council of Australia’s scoring criteria, Building constructions which minimise the use of PVC* in the overall construction are eligible for up to 2 points as part of the PVC credit.

Nexans Olex and PVC Best Practice Credit

To demonstrate PVC Best Practice, Nexans Olex has submitted its Lilydale and partner manufacturing facilities to an independent review of its PVC systems. The review includes a check of PVC Supply chain constituents, PVC resin production, PVC product manufacture, and end of life management.

The review has confirmed that Nexans Olex and its partners manufacture of PVC resin and its end of life management of PVC products is complaint with Best Practice Principals. This means that when Nexans Olex Lilydale products are used on your project, it can contribute up to 2 points towards the Green Star Rating.

Green Star Rating Markets

Most commonly, Green Star ratings are sought out for large commercial and high density residential buildings. A list of certified Green Star Projects is available to view on the GBCA’s website

Green Building Council of Australia, PVC Credit

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