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4 Reasons You Will Love Olex-Blu.

When you have a busy day on the go from job to job you can’t be wasting time trying to figure out what cable you’re working on... They all look so similar. Until now! You talked and we listened – Introducing Olex-Blu. Easy to see and easy to install. At Nexans Olex we are at the forefront of innovation through new products that directly benefit the people on the front line. Here are four reasons you will love Olex-Blu.

  1. It’s Blue!

With a blue-coloured sheath for easy identification during installation, say goodbye to cable amnesia. Also just quietly, who doesn’t like blue? It’s the colour of the ocean and the sky, not to mention the best Powerade flavour.

  1. It’s Perfect for Air Conditioning Installers

Specifically designed for air conditioning and single-phase applications, Olex-Blu was made with our end user - you - in mind. Whether you’re working on a retro fit or a new fit, Olex-Blu will brighten up your day.

  1. It’s made in Australia

Olex-Blu is made locally at our best in-class manufacturing facility right here in Lilydale, Victoria. All of our products AS/NZS compliant and made using PVC best practice.

  1. You can Trust Olex.

We know cable, in fact, we’ve been making it for more than 75 years. You can trust Olex and expect high quality, durability and performance at all times. Olex-Blu is UV stabilised, smooth to the touch, colour coded and easy to strip.


So there you have it. Want to know more? Download our Olex-Blu flyer below or call us today on 1300 CABLES. 


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