Category 7 standard advance at Nice ISO Cabling meeting

The Category 7 cabling standard is coming closer and Nexans' connector proposal is reconfirmed.
The International Standardization Committee for building communication cabling, SC25/WG3,
confirmed the report from IEC.
The category 7 connector standard is approved for final draft.

Paris, March 15, 2001 - Nexans proposed RJ45 compatible category 7 connector interface, known as GG45, was chosen for Category 7 in 1999. From the beginning, in early 1998, the Group has been a protagonist in developing the Category 7 standard. The latest ISO/IEC standardization meeting, held in Nice (France) from 12th till 16th February, reconfirms Nexans' contributions.

More than 50 standardization committee experts representing 17 member countries discussed the second edition of the ISO/IEC 11801 generic cabling standard. The Category 7 connector topic was among numerous technical issues.

Proposals to replace or share the category 7 compatible interface standard (known as IEC 60603-7-7) with a non-compatible interface were rejected. Category 7 compatibility with category 6, category 5, and the universal ISO cabling interface is essential to the �international standard� and a logical cabling development roadmap.

Paul De Win, Nexans� connectivity R&D Director, comments: "Our demonstration of GG45's transmission performance convinced the experts. It shows that our concept is valid and moreover Nexans demonstrated production feasibility through the live Cat7 network in Nice�.

The GG45 is Nexans� implementation of the category 7 connector standard. A new product has evolved from the work done to support the standardization process. In preparation of the Nice meeting, feasibility verification has been conducted on updated versions of the �Berlin prototype�. (The 1999 decision to adopt the RJ45 compatible cat 7 connector proposal was made in the Berlin meeting and was based on the results of this prototype).

Just prior to the Nice meeting, Nexans produced an adaptation of its new category 6 connector product that includes the necessary components for category 7 functionality.

Using Cat 7 / GG45

The cabling standardization meeting took place at the Plaza Concorde Hotel in Nice. Nexans Cabling Solutions installed a Category 7 system at the meeting room, based on Category 7 cable and the new GG45 connector. The committee members shared this high speed network for data interchange.

Nexans set up a GG45-Cat7 network of two Category 7 links for each eight persons. The installation time constraint of 5 hours, in a hotel environment, was successfully respected.The committee members flawlessly used this network in an intensive way, mainly for the sharing and transfer of the nearly 80 documents and their revisions used during the meeting.

Independent 3P testing

3P Third Party Testing is an independent test house specialized in testing of cabling and cabling components (transmission performance, safety, EMC, etc.). They carried out transmission performance tests on the screened and backward compatible GG 45 connector interface. The tests show that the GG45 meets the category 7 connector requirements and meets backward compatible category 6 connector requirements. Headroom for all parameters is achieved to frequencies beyond 600 MHz. In the Nexans Labs. in Berlin, channel performance compliance was tested both in a two and a four connector channel, using Nexans Category 7 cable and patchcords.

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