Cable supply order for luggage conveying system at Madrid Airport

Nexans to supply halogen-free cables and wires for energy supply and control functions

Paris, September 1, 2003 - For the extension Madrid�s international airport, Nexans won an order last year for the supply of cables for the luggage conveying systems of two new terminals. In the tender, Nexans succeeded in an international outbidding for this order. It will be delivered to the final customer, Madrid�s airport operator AENA, before the end of the year.

The order comprises the supply of a total volume of 2,100 km control, safety, and special cables to secure power supply and control functions for the luggage conveying system.

Besides safety-related material requirements set by the airport operator (such as halogen-free, toxically safe cables with hardly inflammable outer sheathing and fire retarding properties), additional conditions laid down were a special challenge for Nexans.

These conditions included easy-to-install cables suitable for narrow bending radii. Taken the structural conditions on site, it was decided to use special cables instead of four-conductor safety cables, for the manufacture of which the same materials are used. The special cables of all diameters are invariably made of class 2 multicore conductors, making them more flexible, easier to install and suitable for narrower bending radii.

In addition to the technical requirements regarding the cable properties, strict safety regulations for airports also posed a particular challenge for Nexans logistics. Multilingual product marking, delivery notes and technical documentation, are just some of the additional frame requirements that had to be met.

All cables will be manufactured at Nexans� Mönchengladbach facilities in Germany.

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