To precisely match medical imaging and invasive applications, Nexans launches NEWSENSE™ range of cable solutions at MEDTEC Europe 2012

New brand offers state-of-the-art customized solutions for medical imaging and invasive applications.

Paris, March 13, 2012 – Nexans, a worldwide expert in the cable industry, is launching its NEWSENSE™ brand of medical micro and composite power and data cables at MEDTEC Europe. The new brand brings together Nexans’ well established cables for medical imaging and invasive applications within a single coherent range of customized solutions developed to enable OEMs to build more convenience and intelligence into their investigative, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

The NEWSENSE™ cables for medical imaging applications, such as radiography, MRI, computer tomography and nuclear cameras/scanners, includes flexible composite cables incorporating various solutions, from micro-coax to a complete set of plastic fiber-optic cables, twisted pairs and tubes.

For invasive applications, such as diagnostic cardiac catheters, sensors and pacemakers, NEWSENSE™ cables offer high durability when subjected to mechanical loads such as tension, torsion and bending.

‘Nexans has developed the NEWSENSE™ range to provide cost-effective cable solutions that enable OEMs to meet the toughest safety and reliability requirements of medical applications, where failure is not an option’, said Guillaume Eymery of Nexans medical cable division. NEWSENSE™ combines an extensive knowhow of the most demanding OEM markets (such as aerospace) with a long term experience in the medical sector to create powerful solutions that deliver exceptional service across the complete value chain.’

NEWSENSE™ cable solutions for medical imaging

NEWSENSE™ cable solutions for medical imagingNEWSENSE™ imaging cables offer a wide range of microcable and composite cable solutions with full biocompatibility, ease of sterilization and flexibility for various devices used in obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, dentistry, endoscopy and the veterinary sciences. They provide high data capacity and multi-constructions in miniaturized format, with Electro Magnetic shielding for safe clinical operation and surgery, and comply fully with EU and other international directives.

Nexans places a major emphasis on design capability for its NEWSENSE™ imaging cables. This includes the capability to work in close cooperation with OEMs on the fast-track research and development and prototyping of customized cost-effective solutions for specific applications. Nexans also has the in-house facilities to test electrical performance, bending, flexibility and other critical medical parameters

NEWSENSE™ cable solutions for invasive applications

NEWSENSE™ cable solutions for invasive applicationsNEWSENSE™ cables have been developed to offer the state-of-the-art for invasive applications and include miniaturized mono and multi-wire constructions. They feature biocompatible, antimicrobial materials for patient safety as well as offering cosmetic adaptability for maximum patient comfort.

Catheters feature various types of conductors – gauges AWG 28 to 48 – with up to 14 conductors laid up in pairs. Smaller cross-section cables can be developed to suit specific customer requirements. Pacemaker cables feature wire or coaxial cable, AWG 28 to 34, with a stainless steel conductor.

To ensure quality and conformity with the strictest standards for its NEWSENSE™ invasive cables, Nexans operates a separate contamination-free manufacturing unit that uses dedicated micro-equipment to extrude screened and insulated cables with extremely small diameters.

Invasive cables are tested extensively according to customer specifications. Tests carried out include: electrical performance, bending and flexibility (to match user movement), salt-water tests to simulate behavior in blood environments, neutrality and biocompatibility, ability to support extreme temperatures and shock during transportation and storage and insulation resistance to certain chemicals.

March 13-15 2012 
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