Paris, June 24, 2008 – Nexans breaks new ground with two new concepts in copper cabling solutions

New Nexans Cat 6A solution removes the need for over-length cabling in data centres while the new Cat 7A solution prepares the way for the 40 Gig revolution

Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry and expert in LAN cabling solutions, has launched two revolutionary concepts in copper cabling technology with its new LANmark-6A and -7A products. This announcement follows closely behind the recent ratification of international standards for new copper classes Cat 6A and Cat 7A: the Cat 6A standard (500MHz)  has been developed to support 10 Gigabit applications while the Cat 7A standard (1000MHz) is designed for 40 Gigabit usages.

These developments, with  copper cabling now able to support frequency ranges up to 1000MHz, provide further proof that copper solutions can continue to evolve to meet the needs of high bandwidth applications well into the future. Nexans is launching its new LANmark-6A systems and LANmark-7A cabling simultaneously to further reinforce its position as provider of choice for customized infrastructures.


LANmark-6A – Optimising short distance applications

More than 80 per cent (source: BSRIA*) of modern data centres predict that they will be employing 10 Gigabit within the next 5 years to meet their requirements for more bandwidth, higher capacity and higher density. Nexans is prepared for these developments with its Cat 6A Zero Risk Solution based on shielded products that ensure immunity from alien crosstalk. Recognising the cost advantages of copper compared to fibre solutions, the market clearly demands a copper solution for applications of up to 100 metres that will be compatible with existing equipment.

LANmark 6A connector The new LANmark-6A range, supported by a newly developed connector with excellent electrical performance, offers up to three connection points within 12 metres. This makes it an ideal solution for modern data centres that are already facing severe space problems with cables that are too long and heavy. Previously, this type of approach was not achievable with most 10G compliant copper cabling solutions. Now, this flexibility is available for data centres in a lower-cost copper solution that also addresses the critical space and storage problems presented by over-length cabling.

There are also various other significant benefits for data centres, such as 360° screening that provides complete alien crosstalk immunity. The Nexans LANmark-6A screened solution exceeds all alien crosstalk requirements, providing massive headroom for the user as well as the confidence that the new systems will be compliant. No field-testing is required, allowing further cost advantages.

Because Nexans’ 10G cables have a smaller diameter and tighter bend radius than most UTP solutions, screened 10G systems are easier to install than 10G UTP solutions and therefore also more cost efficient.


LANmark-7A – Preparing for the Future

LANmark 7A connectorNexans has developed the LANmark-7A solution to meet the predicted demand for 40 Gigabit from customers and data centres planning to provide “Video on Demand” services. This need is likely to become more widespread after 2015. LANmark-7A is a revolutionary, world first, solution, offering capacity of up to 50 Gigabit and high frequency support. It also supports RJ45 based legacy equipment (100BaseT, 1GbaseT, 10GBaseT) using the revolutionary GG45 connector introduced in 2003.

With double the bandwidth and half the crosstalk of Cat 6A, LANmark-7A is future proofed for 40 Gigabit applications developed by IEEE802.3, as well as fully backwards compatible. LANmark-7A is easy to upgrade, migrating to 40G by simply changing patch cords. It also offers 360° screening and alien crosstalk immunity.

Martin Roßbach, Director of Product Marketing for Nexans Cabling Solutions is excited about these latest innovations: “Yet again we have reinforced our position as the leading innovators in cabling solutions, not only pre-empting the future, but creatively embracing its challenges and meeting customer needs long before they arise.”

Both products will be available on the market from July 2008.

* BSRIA is a consultancy, test and research organisation providing construction and building services companies.


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