Understanding Nexans Olex products impacted by the AS/NZS 4417

The AS/NZS 4417 Standard can be quite confusing for most people.

To better understand which Nexans Olex products are impacted by the 4417, we've listed the model numbers below - 

  • PVC Flats – CACP, CNCP, EACP, ENCP, CNZQ05, CNZP07 (450/750V)
  • PVC Circulars – CNHP , ENHPGNHP  (450/750V)
  • PVC Circulars – DNHP, FNHP, HNHP (0.6/1kV)
  • PVC Insulated Single Core –  BAAP (0.6/1kV)
  • SDI – AABP  (450/750V)


Nexans Olex have engaged TÜV Rheinland Australia Pty Ltd, a leading global technical services provider. for compliance testing and certification. Hence, our compliance markings are shown as TUVxxxxxxEA followed by 6 characters, ending in “EA”. To learn more about TÜV Rheinland and their services, please visit their website.


You can also find available for download - 

  • All 4 TUV certificates for reference
  • A document that depicts how Nexans Olex products are marked and where to look for the compliance rating.

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