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NSW Fair Trading have set an alternative definition for AS/NZS 4417 via the Building Wire Gazette.

This definition can be taken into a much broader scope and therefore covers a larger variety of cables.

The Gazette as per May 2018 states - 



A single or multicore electric cable insulated with polymeric materials; that:-

(a) has one to five conductors of stranded or solid cores of copper conductors; and

(b) has an insulated and laid up flat or circular configuration; and

(c) is sheathed or unsheathed; and

(d) has active phase conductors with a nominal cross-sectional area 0.5mm² to 16mm²; and

(e) has an insulation designation of V-75, V-90, V-90HT or X-90; and

(f) is intended for use in electrical installations at working voltages up to:-

(i) 450/750V; or

(ii) 0.6/1 (1.2) kV

but does not include the following exempt types –

(g) armoured, metallic screened and metal sheathed cables;

(h) halogen free cables;

(i) cables with a Fire Rating;

(j) Supply Flexible Cords;

(k) cables where the insulation of the conductors are not individually coloured;

(l) cables with a conductor flexibility of Class 5 or greater according to AS/NZS 1125

(m) cables not captured by the scope of AS/NZS 5000.1 or AS/NZS 5000.2


Class Specification:-

For working voltages up to 450/750V - AS/NZS 5000.2: 2006; or

For working voltages up to 0.6/1 (1.2) kV - AS/NZS 5000.1: 2005


Note: A Supply Flexible Cord is captured by the definition of ‘Supply Flexible Cord’ elsewhere in this schedule.

Note: Cables where the insulation of the conductors are not individually coloured are usually considered control cables for specialised purposes.

Note: Cables that have a conductor flexibility of Class 5 according to AS/NZS 1125 are commonly known as Flexible Cable.

Note: Cables used for the ‘consumers mains’ and Extra Low Voltage cables are previously excluded by the Act by being outside the definition of electrical installation.

Note: The scopes of AS/NZS 5000.1 and AS/NZS 5000.2 do not apply to polymeric insulated cables for special installations and service conditions or for which there are separate Australian/New Zealand Standards.


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