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What you need to know about the AS/NZS 4417

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When purchasing any cable, you want to know that the product is safe and has been tested regularly.

Unlike the Infinity cable fiasco, it's so important to make sure your product is compliant to regulatory standards.
Not just for the consumer’s sake, but for your sake too. rcm

No one wants to suffer an electric shock or know that a person’s house has suffered a fire emergency because you’ve installed a faulty cable. This liability also creates cost for your business in fixing and rewiring the debacle.

Therefore when you are walking into a wholesaler, it is imperative that the cable you are purchasing is AS/NZS 4417 compliant. This will be shown via the RCM tick (right) printed either on the product or the packaging next to the model number. Alternatively, a Certificate of Approval number may be printed on the cable next to the model number.

TUV marking
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At Nexans Olex, we ensure that all specified AS/NZS 4417 product in the market is marked to show compliance. This is why you can TrustOlex to know you are fitting a safe and tested product.

All Nexans Olex product stocked with our wholesale partners is compliant. To purchase our compliant stock, you can visit any of our major wholesalers (see image on right).

To view Nexans Olex AS/NZS 4417 compliance certificates, download via the links below!

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