How the AS/NZS 4417 impacts wholesalers

Important information for electrical wholesalers

impact 4417

As a wholesaler, it’s important to know what you are selling to your customers. rcm

All compliant products will be marked with the following RCM symbol (right), either on the product or packaging.

This symbol states whether the product has been tested and verified as compliant to standard 4417. However, please note this is only specific to those cables defined in “Introduction to AS/NZS 4417”. This is located next to the Model Number.

Nexans Olex prints the RCM on its packaging, and the number of the Certificate of Approval next to the model number on the cable itself. Please refer to the TUV marking below as an example.

TUV marking

As a trusted brand with more than 75 years history in the industry, you can Trust Olex that all AS/NZS 4417 specified cable are compliant with the regulatory standards and testing. You can be assured that your customers are purchasing safe, compliant building wire and flexible cable.

To view Nexans Olex AS/NZS 4417 compliance certificates, download using the links below!

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