Introduction to the AS/NZS 4417

AS/NZS 4417

AS/NZS 4417 is an Australian standard regarding the specification and safety compliance of building wires or articles designed or marketed for household, personal or similar use. State regulators have a responsibility for the safety of the public, and therefore enforce these standards. They declare that specific electrical equipment needs to be tested in order to be proven safe. Once they are declared as safe, they are then marked to show approval. This is generally with the RCM symbol (below)


So what cables are listed across the AS/NZS 4417?

For Building Wire - An electric cable that –

a. Has 1-5 conductors of stranded or solid cores of copper conductors;
b. Has an insulated and laid up flat or circular configuration;
c. Is sheathed or unsheathed insulated cable;
d. Is intended for use at a rated voltage of between 200 and 250 V, single phase, or between 350 and 450 V, multiphase, RMS, AC between conductors or to earth;
e. Is intended for use in buildings or similar structures; and
f. Has a nominal cross-sectional area per conductor from 0.5mm² to 16mm²; but does not include –
g. Armoured, metallic screened and metal sheathed cables

Class specifications –

• For working voltages up to 0.6/1(1.2)kV – AS/NZS 5000.1
• For working voltages up to 450/750 V – AS/NZS 5000.2

For Supply Flexible Cable – An electrical cord that –

a. Is unscreened and flexible
b. Is designed for use at low voltage
c. Consists of two or three elastomer or PVC insulated cores of multi-strand construction;
d. Has a cross-sectional area of each conductor not exceeding 2.5mm²; and
e. Has for other than tinsel cords, individual wire strandings not exceeding –
i. 0.21mm for conductor sizes up to 1mm²; or
ii. 0.26mm for conductor sizes exceeding 1mm²;
f. But does not include –
g. A flexible cord directly connected to equipment or approved non-rewireable accessories that is marked in accordance with the CENELEC HAR marketing scheme for flexible cords.

Class specifications:

• All types – AS/NZS 3191
• PVC insulated flexible cord – AS/NZS 60227.5
• Rubber insulated flexible cord – AS/NZS 60245.4