Nexans’ largest HVDC cable

Fennoskan w510


Fennoskan 01 w120Project description:

  • A subsea power transmission cable between southern Finland and Sweden following a 200 km long route over the Bay of Bothnia.
  • It constitutes a bipole together with the existing 550 MW, 400 kV FennoSkan connection, in operation since in 1989.


Customer challenges:

  • The customer wanted to improve capacity in the Nordic power market and to  reduce losses in the Nordic transmission grids  at the same time as improving power system reliability.
  • The FennoSkan 2  should provide a 40 percent increase in the power transmission capacity between the two countries.


Fennoskan 02 w120

Nexans' solutions:

  • The HVDC cable was approx. 200 km long with a capacity of 800 MW and 500 kV.
  • With a copper cross-section of 2000 mm2, this was the largest HVDC cable produced by Nexans at the time of installation .
  • The cable was supplied in two continuous lengths of around 100 km each, requiring just a single splice offshore.
  • Laying of the cable was carried out in 2011 by use of C/S Nexans Skagerrak and the cable was protected by use of Nexans' Capjet system.