GEXOL® IEEE 1580 Power, Control and Instrumentation (LV).

GEXOL®: LV/MV power, control and instrumentation IEEE1580 (Type P, CIR) Gexol® World Class Oil & Gas Cables are the industry’s standard for premium power, control and instrumentation performance. Offshore applications challenge cable constructions with relentless heat, vibration, salt corrosion, drilling mud and mechanical stress. Gexol® cables prove their value daily in the punishing operating environments of offshore drilling and petroleum facilities around the world. Gexol® is a Nexans proprietary insulating material that is flame retardant, severe cold durable, drilling mud/oil resistant and has superior dielectric properties.


Our GEXOL® Type P cables deliver premium performance:

  • Extremely flexible
  • Highest ampacity ratings – rated 110°C for continuous operation
  • Excellent moisture resistance for more stable electrical properties over the life of the cable
  • Produce less toxic and corrosive gases in fire conditions
  • More resistant to vibration than Type MC, IEC-spec or commercial-grade cables. Gexol® Type P cables are available in several constructions, including:
  • Suitable for use in Class I, Division 1 and Zone 1 environments (armored and sheathed).
  • Available in four constructions:
    • Standard thermosetting jacket
    • Low Smoke Halogen-Free thermosetting jacket
    • Crush and Impact Resistant (CIR) thermoplastic jacket – standard
    • Crush and Impact Resistant (CIR) thermoplastic jacket – arctic grade