Lo-Sag™: Aluminum Alloy conductor with composite core

Lo-Sag™: Aluminum Alloy conductor with composite coreAn innovative lighter conductor with a core made of carbon fibers embedded in an epoxy matrix and outer layers made of aluminum alloy Z shaped wires. This conductor has high tensile strength and low linear expansion with extremely low sag and no galvanic corrosion of the core. Its high breaking load and reduced drag coefficient allows longer spans between pylons, as the transmitted efforts on towers are reduced. Particularly suited for those distribution OHL where sag of existing old conductors has become an important issue, for river-crossing and to decrease the height or the number of towers on long transmission lines.

A state-of-the-art conductor, this composite system allows for spans of up to 2.5 km, reducing the number of pylons in the landscape and significantly lowering the height (and cost) of towers when spanning broad rivers.