Market challenges

Secure power transmission depends on…

With electrical power consumption growing continuously worldwide, utilities and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are faced with increasing congestion management, overloading, bottlenecks, seasonal peeks of demand and even costly blackouts. It is therefore becoming essential to upgrade the existing network and/or to expand it with new lines to improve the reliability.

Refurbishment and upgrade of existing lines

Market challengesTransmission network planners want to re-use existing towers and installations to save money and time, and avoid very long right-of-way authorizations.

Therefore you need :

  • improved OHL with new conductors that can deliver higher ampacity allowing better adaptation to seasonal peeks,
  • operate safely at higher temperatures, without straining towers and pylons, or generating dangerous sag,
  • realtime monitoring systems, installed directly on the lines, to further improve the operating capacity and reliability of the network.

New lines and interconnections

To achieve higher capacity with reduced capital investment, it is now feasible to use fewer towers and longer conductor spans. This means incorporating the latest generation of carbon core conductors : these are lighter, offer higher mechanical strength, and can operate at higher temperatures.

What you expect from a conductor expert:

  • Global solutions to assure a long life cycle and easy upgrades
  • Own and trustfull R+D department searching for the most efficient and suitable materials
  • Engineering support in network design, conductor type selection and line monitoring
  • Wide range of fully-tested conductors, compatible fittings and hardware for safe operations
  • Training and on site supervison during installation
  • Installation friendly solutions
  • Maximizing the cost efficiency rate
  • Integration of solutions for a secure and reliable “meshed” grid
  • World references for optimized power line projects

To answer these challenges, Nexans provides a complete range of cables and accessories for Aerial transmission network.