State-of-the-art installation for the Abu Dhabi Electrical Authority

Project description:

  • To meet the energy demands of a million-plus city, Nexans laid the largest
    and heaviest 420 kV cable that has ever been installed.

Customer challenges:

  • Because several laying methods had to be used (ducts, direct buried, and concrete troughs), the customer wanted extensive long-term tests.
  • They expected full responsibility for civil work, supply and installation of all cables and accessories with full quality assurance.
  • Trenches were not allowed across certain roads; and dust and heat were a hindrance.

Nexans solutions:

  • Nexans assumed full responsibility for the project and set up a local dedicated team to interface with the customer and subcontractors.
  • Directional drilling was used to install 400m long flexible pipes, often 30 meters deep.
  • Original sand and soil was used as thermal backfill.
  • Air-conditioned booths were built for jointing.
  • Constant control included waste management and respect for the environment.