Nexans provides world’s longest superconductor to LIPA in USA

Project description: 

  • A 600-meter-long cable, operating at 200°C connects two substations at a test site of the Long Island Power Authority.
  • It is able to transmit 600 MVA – i.e. 3 times more power than existing lines using the same right-of-way.

Customer challenges:

The power grid was aging, and there was no chance of doing new civil engineering to open a new corridor; meanwhile power demands were sky-rocketing.

Nexans solutions:LIPA_cable_sample_red

  • Nexans designed and manufactured the cable and terminations, including the cryostat envelope based on our knowledge of liquid gas transfer line technology.
  • The cable withstands inner and ambient temperatures, and absorbs length variation (about two meters for 600 meters installed). 
  • A second project using yttrium-based conductors will significantly reduce cable costs.