Longest 500 kV underground link between two Shanghai substations

Project description: 

  • Nexans manufactured and installed a 17-km 500 kV underground power cable circuit between Shibo and Sanlin substations in Shanghai, the first intra-city cable of this size using XLPE insulation.

Customer challenges:

  • Time was a factor, since new infrastructure was being installed for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.
  • The underground tunnel zigzagged across the city requiring over 100 perfect joints, and had to pass under the Huangpu River.
  • Population density required careful planning and logistics.
  • Training was important for future maintenance.

Nexans solutions:

  • Three separate 17 km lengths were laid within the cable tunnel.
  • For the cable, a metallic screen was used in smooth laminated aluminum, which was a much lighter solution than conventional lead.
  • The cable was drawn in record time using computer control.
  • Nexans fully supervised the project and provided extensive training in our Training Center.