Market challenges

Since the 70s, high-voltage power lines have been buried in urban, rural and industrial sites. Today there are a growing number of projects with segments of underground transmission lines in the 60-550 kV range.

Many factors favor underground solutions: regulatory issues, public demand due to electromagnetic impact, aesthetic concerns, the narrowing gap between underground and aerial construction costs, and a new generation of safe and reliable cables.

Installing underground transmission lines requires a host of competencies in a cable manufacturer to serve the complex demands of utilities, contractors and installers

Some of the challenges and concerns you are faced with :Environment friendly

  • Growing power demand and need to upgrade or replace existing equipment
  •  Integrating renewables, distances between producers and consumers
  • Congested areas and limited rights of way
  • Efficiency & reliability of the network
  • Deregulation is pushing for more interconnections and monitoring of the network
  • Highest safety standards & products that are environment friendly