Recycling facilities

With 30 years of experience in collection and recovery of end-of-life cables and cabling production waste, the Group offers a complete recycling solution.

In 2008, Nexans created Recycable in which it holds a 36% stake alongside Sita, a Suez Environment subsidiary, in order to provide a comprehensive recycling solution.  Copper and aluminum granules, coming from cable grinding, are melted down and some plastics are recycled into external cladding, sidewalk curbs or road cones.

With this exclusive process of continuous casting implemented in its plant in Lens (France), Nexans recovers an average of 10 000 tons of recycled copper per year.

A service for our customers

Nexans, via Recycable, can make an offer to retrieve old cables and take care of the recycling treatment and end of life in compliance with environmental standards.