Transmission and Distribution

The transmission and distribution, or electricity supply industry, is a vitally important market that enables us to carry out everyday tasks and activities.

 Power companies are seeing increasing demand for electricity in recent times, due to a number of factors. Customers are utilising more electricity as a result of an increase in ownership of electrical items, such as air conditioning units, entertainment devices and communication devices including, home computers and the internet. In addition, electricity networks are growing to accommodate new housing and industrial developments.

 Nexans Olex understands the needs of the electricity supply business and can respond accordingly. We are continuously developing new products to increase the reliability and extend the life of the asset base.

 We look for ways to improve the supply chain. Examples of this include lowering logistic costs through “just in time” deliveries and waste reduction programmes such as cut to length cables and delivery to site.

 Olex offers a comprehensive range of products and services to match the network requirements, including:


  • Bare Aluminium Conductors (AAC, AAAC, ACSR)
  • 66kV to 275kV XLPE
  • Accessories
  • Turn Key Project Management


  • Bare Aluminium Conductors (AAC, AAAC, ACSR)
  • CCT and CC
  • HV and LV ABC
  • 11kV to 33kV XLPE
  • Low Voltage URD
  • OH and UG service cable
  • Flexible jumper and dropper