Nexans Olex' aim is to provide our customers with creative, practical and safe solutions using our skills and experience, as well as our own research and development facilities.

In the Building market, Nexans Olex is constantly improving its services solutions to enable customers to reduce their costs and improve their performance,

Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) to help improve logistic performance

With the implementation of VMI, Nexans Olex helps wholesalers to decrease stock-outs and inventory levels, reduce planning and ordering cost. This efficient process provides customers with the right products at the right time.

Nexans Olex's service offer:

  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) for Class A runner products
  • Simplified cutting operations for class C products
  • Customized packaging linked to usage (lengths, variations)

Extranet to keep key customers well-informed

In 2012, Nexans Olex will launch its customized online services where key customers can follow real time supply-chain information to allow them to enhance decision making speed and accuracy, and thus improve stock management efficiency.

Nexans Olex's service offer:

  • Will provide secure access to relevant information
  • Will add value: order status, delivery dates, stock levels by specific product
  • Will anticipate needs and expectations to support business

Custom cutting and measuring to simplify working process for Contractors

Nexans produces precision-cut, just-in-time cables for contractors that help simplify their work on site and reduce scrap losses.

Nexans Olex's service offer:

  • Safety stock available
  • Cutting on line or on demand
  • Just-in-time delivery