Expertises and research Axes

Splendid insulations: art merges with science

Insulations are important for cable quality, efficiency and performance. For power cables, insulation traditionally prevented “electrical leakage” which can cause short circuits, equipment failure and personal injury. For fiber cables, flexibility and mechanical characteristics were important, especially during pulling operations. However, today there are special needs arising from cable installations in extremely harsh conditions, including ultra-cold, high-temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and fire. Nexans technical expertise in polymers and design has given rise to an entire suite of value-added insulation solutions.


Conductors: the core of our business

Conductors are copper, aluminum or special alloys which are drawn from primary rods into finer diameters in Nexans plants, often located close to casting facilities. They are processed into mono-wire products, bunches, or big cords which are used for power transmission cables, electrical wiring for buildings, and also various kinds of telecommunications cables (e.g. LANs). We have also developed an entire range of both classical and high-capacity conductors to optimize aerial transmission networks.


Defensive Armour for Cables

Metal conductors or fibers do the job of carrying energy or information in cables; however they need protection in the form of armoring, shielding or jackets made out of a variety of compounds and materials, both natural and artificial. Although they have no electrical or optical function, these materials contribute to the protection of the insulated conductors (or fibers) against the various threats which could cause a malfunction of the cable.