The Organisation

The Organisation is designed to facilitate cooperation and information-sharing at the Group level, and to drive innovation for our strategic markets.

The research centers are at the disposal of all entities within their sphere of excellence:

  • Metallurgy in Lens (France),
  • Rubber in Jincheon (South Korea),
  • Cross-linked Materials and Computer modelling in Lyon (France), and
  • Thermoplastic Materials and Extrusion Processes in Nuremberg (Germany).

The development networks define the programs in close liaison with the marketing teams so that the developments reflect client expectations.

The actual developments are handled by centers specialized by product or technology.

We also have application centers to test and compare cable performance in actual service conditions. These trials form the basis of enriching technical discussions with our clients.

Nexans capacity to innovate in 7 features 
  • 70 Million Euros R&D Budget
  • 600 full-time R&D persons on four continents
  • 4 Centrally funded Research Centers
  • 24 market-based Development Networks
  • More than one new patent family per week (75 in 2010)
  • A patent portfolio of 560 families
  • 2 new products per week