Ecofriendly reels: 100,000 trees preserved

In 2010 Nexans became the first cable manufacturer to acquire reels produced from sustainably managed, PEFC- or FSC-certified forests.

Green Drums

To reaffirm its commitment, the Group has set up a program to collect and reuse wooden reels: to date, more than 280,000 reels have been reused at least once or as many as five times. The savings totals more than 94,000 m3 of sawn wood, equivalent to 45 hectares of forest. The benefits to customers are apparent as well: they gain storage space and no longer bear the cost of disposing of used reels. The use of secondhand pallets and recycled cardboard is added evidence of Nexans’ commitment to environmentally friendly packaging.

Why PEFC™ ? 

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes is the world’s largest forest certification organisation. It promotes sustainable forest management - environmentally, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests for present and future generations - through independent third party forest certification.

PEFClabeled products provide the guarantee that wood based raw material comes from sustainably managed forests. 

Nexans uses approximately 350 000 wooden drums per year in the European Union alone. Some 95% of these drums have been replaced by ‘green’ drums, produced with PEFC™ certified wood.  

Advantages for all players in the logistics chain

Everybody in our business chain is involved in Sustainable Development: the drum producer, the cable manufacturer, the distributor and the installer.

Nexans already assesses the life cycle of its cables, all along the production process up to end of life. Today, we add the drums to this approach, based on a continuous “win win” program between Nexans and its strategic suppliers.

Through the PEFC™ Certification of our drum manufacturers, our partners obtain full traceability and a guarantee on responsible forest management.