All for one, and one for all!

EASYFIL® building wires: up to 5-in-one

The big squeeze

Easyfil® was invented and first produced in France (Autun) for the European market using H07V-U and H07V-R PVC insulated wires. Instead of having to install 2, 3, 4 or 5 wires separately, a single operation is necessary.

Easyfil® is not a sheath, nor does it completely enclose the wires which are partially visible through the slits. Up to five insulated wires are squeezed by an easy-strippable binder into a single bundle which makes it stiffer, easier to handle, and safer.

Anyone who has installed separated wires in the old way would have been frustrated by the twisting of separate wires. Also, to make pulling easier within a plastic-corrugated tube, an external lubricating agent was often necessary which made it messy and dirty. Finally, pulling systems were often home-made, improvised and time-consuming.

Pre-assembled wires already existed which offered a certain degree of stiffness, but not enough to avoid the twisting effect. Neither were they easy to strip when “hot melt” glue was used between the wires.

Based on their own experience with home renovation projects, our technical department came up with an innovation which combined a unique design and a new compound for a “binder” which delivered stiffness for pulling, with easy strippability using the fingers alone.

A major challenge was finding the right material for optimal stiffness/bending properties and the right process parameters so that it would stick adequately, but not too hard, to insulated wires.

easyfil 2
Coil of Easyfil® 3xH07V-U


Wires are not completely sheathed, but stiff enough to be inserted into tubes or cable troughs in longer lengths and with far less effort thanks to excellent sliding properties. Mounted on an N’Roll® reel, traction force is reduced by 60%, compared to separated wires.

Benefits to installers:

  • Compactness: occupies less place than 3-5 separated coils of wires
  • Time-saving: reduces installation time by 50%
  • Easier: required traction force is greatly reduced
  • Safer: no cutter necessary to remove “binder”
  • Compatibility: with Nexans N’Roll system

Today, seven models are available with various cross-sections and colors. Additives can be incorporated in the “binder” to achieve antifungal and antimicrobial properties, widen the color range, or emit odors (e.g. spearmint or lemon) permanently or when there is a rise in temperature.

It can incorporate flexible copper, instead of rigid or semi-rigid wires; and insulations can be a halogen-free compound instead of PVC.

Easyfil® can be adapted to various countries and products according to the market segment. Brazil launched the same product before the summer of 2011, while Morocco is now producing and promoting Easyfil® for its own building market.

easyfil 4
Easy-to-pull, easy-to-strip