Innovation concept

Nexans takes innovation seriously, because our customers are themselves innovative in a wide range of activities which include energy, transportation, communications and buildings.we create for your future

Cables and cabling systems are omnipresent in your products and services: from oil and gas to energy and telecom networks; from industrial robots and material handling to ships, planes and airplanes; from private homes to ports, airports, and office complexes.

Often invisible, but always present, cables provide the nerves and sinews of our modern life and your business activities.

Innovation in cables means different things to different customers: efficiency, safety, performance, competitiveness, comfort, installation ease, durability, survivability in harsh conditions.

That is why at Nexans we always first see innovation through the eyes of our customers so as to respond to their rapidly changing needs.

Every special request or challenge can serve as a possible beginning of a series of improvements or a major development project which can have a positive impact on an entire market segment.

Often finding an innovation or solution involves finding it in time. The best innovations never come too late but when they are needed.

On this Nexans Innovation Site you will find a whole range of innovations, many of which evolved out of specific customer requests. Nexans already holds 2500 patents, with an average of two new products being invented every week!

So, come to us with your problems and we will find you a solution through:

  • Upstream activities, based on rigorous scientific research
  • Applied research in our international Research Centers
  • Onsite R&D done right in our plants, often with our customers

Depending on the complexity of your request, we can apply one or all of the above resources. Urgent requests often require fast reaction time and timely solutions to specific problems; whereas long-term, industry-specific challenges (for example, in the area of smart grids, superconductivity or deep-sea oil and gas) require methodical research, prototype development, rigorous testing and international certification.

"Our Customers are our Future" is a guiding principle for Nexans, since commitment to innovation on your behalf is the way to improve processes, products and services and achieve industrial excellence.