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Innovation boosts demand and cuts costs

Pierre KayounOur customers count on their own innovation to boost market demand and cut costs. They also expect creative solutions from their key suppliers, such as Nexans. That’s why Nexans innovates for YOU on three important levels:

In basic R&D, we keep a close watch on technology, material evolution and long-term technological trends, and are always looking for ways to “do more with less.” This is the responsibility of Nexans Research Centers: in Jincheon, (Korea) for rubber, Lens (France) for metallurgy, Lyon (France) for cross-linked materials and computer modeling, Nuremberg (Germany) for thermoplastic materials and extrusion processes.

INFIT™ ceramifiable fire-resistant power cables, ICEFLEX™ ultra-cold cables for oil & gas, and ENERGYFLEX® BE-FAST cables for photovoltaic infrastructure are all good examples of basic R&D development.

New applications are developed to serve market segments undergoing inevitable change. For example, deep-sea oil & gas exploitation, high-speed data networks, and long-distance power transmission call for new cable solutions, like deep-water umbilicals, fiber-optic micro-cables for dense urban right-of-ways, and superconductive “critical path” links between substations.

Both basic R&D and new applications operate in a “techno-push” mode.

In contrast, direct customer-driven innovation depends on “customer-pull.” Companies often have clearly defined needs, but turn over a large part of R&D to preferred suppliers (with long-term expertise) so as to concentrate on their own core business.

The Green Movement has also had a significant impact on our operations, with sustainability, eco-friendliness, social responsibility, and total life cycle management playing key roles. That explains our intense involvement in renewable energy projects and recycling.

Nexans has a broad mission: monitoring and responding to global trends, while providing focused products, solutions and services to serve local customers.

A spirit of innovation pervades our operations:

  • From initial research and product development to advanced applications
  • From rigorous testing and international certification to packaging and logistics
  • From installer training to full-product-cycle service and support (including recycling)

At Nexans, Innovation is Innovaction

Corporate Vice-President Technical