Inventory management

Our experts use high performance analysis tools to carry out diagnostics and propose personalized solutions to speed up the flow of your supply chain.
Reduces costs, frees up ware-house space and simplifies project management.

Custom-tailored packaging

We deliver on special reels and use customized packaging with added protection (protective film wrap, lagging, hooping) and cross-docking to consolidate deliveries.
Adapts to your operational constraints, facilitates rollout of new projects, and reduces waste.


For 30 years, Nexans has collected and recovered cable waste from production plants and from cables at end-of-life.
Recycable (35 %-owned by Nexans) recycles cables cores to produce new wires, while polymers are transformed into useful items.


For OEMs, Nexans makes available R&D tools like numerical modeling, electron microscopy, laboratory testing and engineering expertise.
Innovation accelerates time-to market, optimizes performance, and lowers development costs.

Technological consulting

We optimize electrical, thermal and mechanical designs for rolling stock, and conduct life-cycle analysis to assess environmental impact.
For major projects, a resident engineer oversees the project and provides maximum onsite support.

Design to cost

On-site experts identify solutions and technical alternatives, allowing you to make your cable purchase portfolio leaner and reduce total cost-of ownership.
Makes you more competitive by optimizing bills of materials, both in terms of process and performance.


Through personalized access, you can track orders/deliveries, create pre-selected catalogues, consult inventory and product availability, etc.
Provides a secure electronic library of all technical, administrative and commercial documentation over a project’s lifetime