Nexans commitment

At Nexans safety of employees and customers is a prerequisite whatever the environment (workplace, leisure, health or residence). Safety during fire is part of this approach and always taken in account while developing new products


Nexans commitment to safety

Nexans commitment Research
Research has shown that cables could significantly contribute to preserving the integrity of electrical circuits, to containing a fire and to reducing the formation of dense smoke and irritating gases. Nexans develops world-class materials and technologies to ensure the best properties and characteristics of its products..  
Nexans is committed to improving safety in buildings by protecting people’s lives and properties from fires with its full and continuously innovative fire safety cables offering.
During the last 3 years, Nexans invested in 12 projects dedicated to fire performances of materials which led to the creation of more than 10 patents a year in this area.


Safety is a matter of synergy

New safer materials developed by Nexans Research Centres are immediately adopted by manufacturing units in production of ALSECURE® cables thanks to the work of the local Development Teams. The experience and collaborative work of local development teams warrant the resilience of the design and the reliability of the manufacturing process of all Nexans cables. Besides fire performance, the special care given by the development teams to the usability of ALSECURE® cables warrants their quick and correct installation.

Support to fire Regulators through the Association and the Standardization Body

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Nexans is committed to raising public awareness on fire safety in buildings. Nexans’ experts actively take part in the development of new standards and regulations on fire safety. Nexans experts are senior members of Technical Committees of the most important European and International Standardization Bodies – NF, CEI, AFNOR, DIN, BS, CENELEC, IEC, etc – as well as of the Europacable* Technical Committee that supports European Authorities in developing the future CPR (Construction Products Regulation) Classification.
* the European union of cablemakers