Special solutions for Underground and Open cast

Optical fiber cablesOptical fiber cables

  • Up to 24 optical fibers can be combined in the interstices of energy cables for communications, video surveillance, monitoring and data transfer.
  • Incorporated in 20 kV underground and 35 kV open pit rubber cables, fiber cables are light, with no signal loss and high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Nexans delivered special optical fiber cables with rubber sheaths for harsh environments in lengths of up to 5 km in one length on one drum.

Intelligent Ethernet switch systemsIntelligent Ethernet switch systems

  • These small and rugged Ethernet switch systems contain up to 3 fiber-optic uplink ports and 8 twisted-pair copper ports.
  • They can be used for all mine control and monitoring applications, have inbuilt diagnostic functionalities.
  • They can provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to IP surveillance cameras and VoIP phones.

Nexans switch systems are used for fiber-optic data communications in underground mining locations throughout Germany, especially in the Ruhr area.

Multicore control and data cablesMulticore control and data cables

  • These highly flexible, heavy duty rubber cables (0.6/1 kV) provide power and control for both underground and open pit applications to control engines on conveyor belts, excavators, mobile equipment etc.
  • They can handle high mechanical load and operate in both dry and damp areas.

More than 2,500 km of this kind of cable are produced for the mining market worldwide annually.

Submersible pump cablesSubmersible pump cables

  • Nexans manufactures diverse high-tensile round and flat pump cables for drinking water, waste water and hot water (up to 90°C) and to lower groundwater for underground and open cast mines.

Reliability and high quality are two reasons customers order more than 200 km of pump cables every year.

Fluorescent and reflecting cablesFluorescent and reflecting cables

  • To protect cables from being accidentally crushed by trucks, Nexans ICEA-compliant fluorescent cables gather sunlight to glow in the dark, while reflecting cables reflect light from electric lamps and headlights.
  • Aside from high tear/abrasion resistance, transparency makes it possible to spot mechanical or electrical breaks in the cable cores.

Nexans fluorescent cables are used in Chile’s Minera Escondida, a copper mine with the largest output in the world.


These cables are part of our POWERMINE™ solutions designed by Nexans to respond to the very demanding expectations of the mining market.