Working towards sustainable buildings

Given the current reality in the construction industry — which alone accounts for 40% of global energy consumption — players at all levels in this market are beginning to move towards sustainable buildings.

Working towards sustainable buildings


Government authorities, manufacturers, engineering and design departments, building professionals and individuals: all of us must face these new ecological concerns.

These concerns have three dimensions: economically, they mean reducing material waste, saving energy and ensuring efficient installations; socially, they mean that buildings have to be compliant with housing policy and be comfortable, while also meeting current health and safety standards; and environmentally, they mean protecting infrastructure, optimizing energy consumption and recycling wherever possible.

Nexans’ response to these varying challenges combines several products and specific services, for any type of building, whether it involves residential housing, public and office buildings, or industrial sites.

Providing occupants a safe, healthy environment

Nexans offers customized building solutions for heating and fire safety so that occupants can live in complete comfort.

Electric floor heating solutions guarantee even heat distribution with improved fuel efficiency. Using a six-order thermostat, the electric radiant floor heating system only runs as long as necessary, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Cables with improved fire-reaction features actively contribute to the goal of sustainable buildings by guaranteeing occupants a safe, healthy building, while also protecting the building’s equipment and structure in the event of fire.

Products that are easy to use and easy to recycle

With new and innovative package design, Nexans works hand-in-hand with its customers throughout the product installation process. More than just wrapping, these packaging solutions are tools that were created to make life easier while maintaining respect for the environment.

Nexans’ engineers work hard to develop smart packaging solutions that facilitate stringing and installing cable systems, including features like strippability, compactness, pre-wired conduits, connectors, and convenient spools, drums and packaging.

Nexans provides drum and old cable retrieval, and organized recycling through a Nexans subsidiary. The Group offers both recyclable and recycled products within a specific logistics system. This is a major asset in sustainable building projects that aim to be certified by one of the current national labels, like HQE®, LEED®, BREAM®, etc.

Standardizing the use of renewable energy for positive energy buildings

The buildings of the future will not simply use less energy. Called “positive energy buildings”, they will actually produce energy, which will be directly reincorporated into the power grid.

In order to face this challenge and meet the objectives established by various national governments, it is essential that renewable energy be a major component of construction projects.

That is why Nexans offers the complete range of cables required to ensure the proper operation of photovoltaic panels and for connection to the network.