CSR organization

Nexans’ sustainable development strategy is defined and monitored by the CSR* Committee which is chaired by the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Arnaud Poupart-Lafarge. Two specialized committees (Governance and Social, Environment and Products) provide support to the CSR Committee.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the vehicle used to implement sustainable development strategy within the company. The three fundamental principles of sustainable development, namely the economic, social and environmental aspects of doing business, are integrated into Nexans’ strategy and its operations and relationships with its stakeholders. These principles are supplemented by corporate governance which encompasses the principles of ethics and business conduct.

As CSR is transversal in nature, it is necessary to ensure top-level coordination amongst all departments within Nexans. This is the aim of the CSR* Committee which is chaired by the Group’s Chief Executive officer, Arnaud Poupart-Lafarge. It meets twice a year with the members of the Group’s management, the secretary General and general Counsel, and the Director of Communications. The CSR manager acts as the Committee secretary..

In order to deploy its social responsibility policy, Nexans has appointed:

  • A group CSR manager reporting to the Group’s Management,
  • A HSE manager within the industrial department
  • A Sustainable Development technical manager
  • An ethics officer**
  • Two expert committees organized around working groups

Nexans CSR organization

*Corporate Social Responsibility
**Handling of any ethics related issues reported, ensure that any issues are verified and that appropriate decisions are taken and corrective measures are put in place if necessary.