Locally Made for Australian Businesses.

Nexans Olex building wire cables are locally manufactured at our best-in-class facility in Lilydale, Victoria. Producing up to 3000 different types of cables suitable for residential, commercial and engineering construction sectors, the manufacturing site also offers customised cable cut-to-fit to meet project needs.


Nexans Olex has achieved internationally recognised certification for quality systems operating for all Australasian manufacturing sites. Certification to the internationally accepted AS/NZS ISO 9001 has been achieved by Nexans Olex sites in Australia and New Zealand. Nexans Olex certification covers the complete supply process from initial enquiry and contract review, through design, production, handling and delivery of the finished product.

Lilydale Aerial Shot

Lilydale, Australia

Built by Australians for Australian conditions. If you are an electrician working somewhere across the vast Australian continent, chance are you have installed a cable that was made at our factory here in Lilydale.


Lilydale is widely considered to be the Australasian centre of excellence for the manufacture of low voltage cables. Producing over 3000 different types of cables, the plant offers high volume, fast moving, flexible cable production for residential, commercial and engineering construction sectors. Lilydale can also provide completely customsed cut-to-fit services so you get exactly what you want.


Lilydale has also achieved PVC Best Practice Certification through independent Audit of it's PVC manufacturing processes.


As such, all products containing PVC made at Lilydale can contribute to the green star rating of your project.



ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

AS 4801

PVC Best Practice Certified

New Plymouth

New Plymouth, New Zealand

One of the most flexible plants in the Nexans family, New Plymouth is capable of producing a full range of cables to meet all requirements of the electrical market in New Zealand.


New Plymouth is one of the most flexible plants in the Nexans family; capable of producing a full range of cables for all of New Zealand's industry sectors.


The capability includes cables rated between 0.6/1kV and 35kV in both copper and aluminium with a range of insulation and sheathing materials to perform in a range of operating conditions. The plant also boasts a proud environmental performance and safety record, receiving the Nexans Environmentally Highly Protected Award in 2014 and currently standing on a 1000 day plus without LTI.


New Plymouth has also undergone an independent audit of it's PVC processes and is fully compliant with PVC Best Practice Guidelines helping you achieve a green star rating n your project.



ISO 9000

ISO 14001

Nexans EHP Award

PVC Best Practice Certified

ACC Territory Level (WSMP)