Follow the red dotted line

Oct 27, 2021

Ever wondered what the red dotted line is for on the OLEX-TPS 1.5mm² and 2.5mm² 2C+E (Black & Red cores + Earth)?
Quickly, the line identifies on which side the active conductor is. When connecting a cable to a quick/fast connect socket or plug base, the red dots are there to make things easier for you to ensure the active conductor is positioned over the A symbol.
This process requires no tools to terminate and no stripping of the outer sheath.
This dotted line is called ACTIVE-IDTM


  • It will save you time - It is easy and quick to identify where the active core is. Simply, look at the sheath! No need for stripping which will save you time on installation
  • It will save you money - if you save time, you save money
  • It eliminates the need for stripping when working with quick-connect sockets
  • It is compatible with all major quick connect sockets devices
  • It is safer to use, and there is less risk of damaging the core insulation as nicking or stripping is not required.

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