Ensuring the Safety of Cable

Aug 31, 2021


Electrical cables sold in Australia must meet Australian Standards and be safe to use.  

Nexans Olex is a foundation member of the Australian Cable Initiative (ACI), giving customers the highest confidence level in the safety of all electrical cables that we manufacture and sell within Australia and ensuring our competitors are also compliant.

Why is this important?

There have been two high profile examples of non-compliant and dangerous cables sold into the Australian market in recent times. Both cases were detected via the ACI and were reported the relevant regualatory bodies. One was the Infinity/Olsent cable that is now subject to an ACCC mandatory recall. The other was the Ecables cable, where testing showed that the cable was non-compliant due to a manufacturing fault identified within the cable’s insulation sheath. Source: Energy Safe Victoria.

What is the Australian Cable Initiative?

The ACI is a not-for-profit organisation launched as a separate entity to the Australian Cablemakers Association (ACA).  The ACI has two primary purposes:

  • 1 - Advocate for improved safety standards relating to electrical cables sold in Australia.
  • 2 - Operate an independent surveillance programme where cables are taken from the market and tested for safety and compliance to the relevant Australian Standards, thus granting purchasers of ACI members’ cable a higher level of compliance assurance.

The ACI is the cable industry in Australia working together to provide a second line of defence to improve the safety and compliance of cables in the Australian market.

 It promotes the safety and compliance of electrical cables used in buildings and provides a testing and surveillance program that monitors electrical cables manufactured, sold, and used in Australia. The Members of the ACI commit to testing each other’s cables for safety and compliance with Australian Standards.

Why the safety of cables means confidence for consumers?

Ensuring the safety of cables is something we work at every day at Nexans Olex.

As one of Australia’s leading cable manufacturers, we’re responsible for powering a massive portion of the country’s homes and workplaces. The contractors we work with need to know they’re making wise and safe choices when purchasing cable. Using defective cables is costly and highly dangerous.

When you partner with Nexans Olex, you’re using an ACI recognised product, which minimises the risk and liability that comes with installing defective cable.

When discussing the significance of the Australian Cable Initiative, Marnie Williams, Commissioner & Chairperson of Energy Safe Victoria, said:


“It is critical that manufacturers have in-house processes in place to assure the safety and compliance of their products. This initiative provides another layer of oversight, that is driven and delivered by the industry, to encourage the maintenance and indeed improvement of standards in the sector.”


For further information about our participation in ACI and other steps, we take to ensure the safety of cables, contact Olex.

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