ACA Concerned on slow pace of recall

March 26, 2015


Following a report by the ACCC today that says only five percent of dangerous cable has been removed.


ACA Chairman Andrew Davenport said despite the recall six months ago, very little positive action had been taken to force the removal of the Infinity cables, despite the real risk of fire or electocution.


"There is no mandate from government or regulartors to have the recall completed within a set time period, which provides little incentive to installers to be proactively removing product", Mr Davenport said. "this places the onus on the owner to raise concerns first."


The danger of Infinity product was demonstrated in 2013 through the ACA's Approved Cables Initiative, which conducts proactive tests of all cable products sold on the Australian market.


However, Mr Davenport said despite two major recalls of imported cable products, nothing had been done to change the regulations that allowed them to be imported and marketed.


"Since the Infinity Cables recall there has been another major problem with ECABLES products, which also present an immediate risk of fire or electric shock. And almost every day we are hearing new concerns about the quality of cables.


"These kinds of products are being used for major projects such as apartment buildings, housing estates, hotels, mines and commercial installations.


"there is clearly a failing with the certification and the follow-up process, and until it is fixed consumers will continue to be placed at risk by sub-standard products.


"Australian manufacturers established teh Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) in 2011 to address teh existence of dangerous, non-compliant and counterfeit cable products in the Australian market, and we will continue to report any failure to comply with Australian standards to the relevant state and federal authorities.


"But until electrical regulartors enforce tougher testing procedures prior to sale, in order to weed out those that fail to meet the required standard, these kinds of disasters will continue to occur.


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